My Most amazing vintage hen do!

P1090934I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this post with you! In April my beautiful and lovely bridesmaids came together to arrange THE best hen do EVER! I never knew that my friends could be so sneaky but they somehow managed to arrange the whole weekend’s shenanigans without me knowing a single thing about where we were going and what we were doing.

vinaThey rounded up 13 of my most fabulous friends and headed off to a stunning cottage just outside of Bristol. The cottage was beyond beautiful and we were surrounded by sunshine yellow rapeseed fields. I love the vintage, country vibe so this we right up my street. They had covered the cottage in bunting and pictures of everyone, including some for maximum embarrassment on my behalf (sorry mum!)

rapeseed fieldsI arrived with one of my bridesmaids and approached the cottage door where I saw a sign ‘Steph’s vintage hen do’- perfect for me! It was so lovely to see all of my friends waiting inside and after a lot of bouncing and screaming we opened the bubbles (and didn’t put them down for the rest of the hen!).

vintage henP1090799On Friday evening we stayed at the cottage and enjoyed a BBQ in the garden. We were so lucky with the weather and so we sat outside and soaked up some sun. The rest of the evening was spent drinking and playing games (what’s a hen do without a game of Mr and Mrs hey?) We also had some goodie bags, keeping us well stocked on sweeties, party poppers, cosmetics and the all important paracetamol for the next morning. We partied until 3am as we were so excited!!!

vintage hen signThe next morning was nice and chilled as we nursed our hangovers. The girls then told me that we were having Lady She and her friends come to the house to give us all vintage makeovers 1920-1950s. Ahhhhh! And then we had Pinky up come to host a tea party for us (I have a bit of an obsession for vintage tea sets). Ahhhhh!

vintage make-overLady She and her lovely ladies were wonderful. They listened to all of our preferences and the style we wanted to try to re-create and then they worked their magic. Initially some of the girls were a bit worried when they had their make up done as it is such a heavy, dramatic look which is different to most of our styles. However, when they had styled their hair everyone loved their make overs! The whole look really came together. I was so excited about my look and I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. I wish I had the time to look like that on a daily basis, especially my hair…I loved it so much. Can you tell how happy I was by my big cheesy grin?!
tea partyWe all then gathered in the dining room for our vintage tea party which was beautifully presented and tasted delicious! Finger sandwiches, cup cakes, scones, quiche, brownies…so much yummy food and some pink bubbles to wash it down with. As we were tucking in there was suddenly a knock at the door. My stomach sunk as I was pretty sure that knock = nakedness. As I looked through the small window in the door all I could see was flesh and floral! There was a rather lovely naked butler holding onto the most beautiful pink floral dress. My exact words to him were ‘Is it wrong that I’m more excited about the dress?’ Haha.
vintage and butler in the buff
He was very attentive and kept our drinks well topped up. He also joined in with the games we were playing so it was a nice bit of nudity added in rather than a cringe worthy experience. We all then went and changed into our outfits ready for a night out. It was so lovely to see everyone transformed and looking like proper ladies with their puffy or flapper dresses. After a long-old photograph session we headed out for dinner followed by a night out in Bristol. It was such a good night and it just flew by! When we headed home we (mainly I) wasn’t ready to go to bed and so we stayed up dancing the night away until early morning.
vintage hensvintage hen
I had the most amazing weekend with my nearest and dearest and I was so sad that it had to end. I love looking back at all the photos and keep smiling at all the funny memories…we always have the memories.
vintage hens night outvintage bridesmaidsvintage bridesmaids