A crisp, sunny adventure

IMG_1825This weekend, we have had a sneak peek at the big yellow thing in the sky. Something that seems like a distant memory quite frankly. Well, since it decided to shine on a crisp Saturday afternoon I thought it would be rude not to go and bask in it!

Living in Southampton means we have easy access to lots of naturally beautiful areas. The New Forest is on our door step as are some lovely beaches. Steve and I have a couple of beaches that are our favourites so we decided to head off to Hurst Castle to explore. We have been here many times and really love it. It’s a stone beach but there are lots of big rocks to climb on and if you are feeling fit there is a loooonnngggg walk to reach the castle.

Well we thought we would do the walk this time and I forget just how long it takes! It looks a long distance but in reality it is even longer. It takes about 40-45mins each way I would say and walking on gravel and stones they whole way there- well my thighs got a good old work out!

Luckily I had bought some of my chocolate whoopee pies with me (you can get the recipe here)so we could re-fuel when we got to the castle. You can go and explore inside but it will cost you ยฃ4.50 for the pleasure. We took some pictures, had a bit of a mess around and then decided to head back (should have put longer on the car).

What I’m wearing: Coat by Henry Holland at Debenhams/ scarf ASOS/ Boots ASOS/ Jeans Levis/ Bag Marc Jacobs

What did you do this weekend to enjoy the sunshine?


2 thoughts on “A crisp, sunny adventure

  1. Haha – love that one of you stuffing a Whoopie Pie in your mouth! It’s the only way to eat them. Looks like a lovely day. I can’t remember the last time I went to Hurst Castle – must make a note to go there this Sping/Summer (will bring treats for the walk too!). xx

    • There is no way to eat them delicately! Cram it all in I say! Last time we went was in summer and it was gorgeous sitting on the beach! Too hot to do the walk in summer time so choose your timing wisely! X

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