O.P.I steady as she rose nail lacquer

After spending the last week or so wearing a beautiful bright yellow Deborah Lippmann shade, I decided to try out my new muted, pastel-purple colour by O.P.I.
polish 1IMG_1809

I found this little beauty, along with O.P.I’s Matte top coat in the bargain bin section whilst I was waiting for my facial (literally my favourite part of each month). I love O.P.I nail varnishes as they always seem to last ages and I love the cute names! This one is called ‘Stead as she rose’ and is a very light violet shade and it’s very vintage looking.

polish 3 copyI used 2 coats to get the block shade and then painted O.P.I’s Matte top coat on top. This is the first time I have used a matte varnish and I was a little sceptical that it wouldn’t apply very well and it would join all of my other novelty polishes at the back of my beauty box never to been seen again (yes I’m talking about you crackle varnish!) However, this is great and I know I will be using it on top of all my varnishes.

See if you can grab yourself a bargain too as they were only £5 each!


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