Embroidery hoop wall decorations!

Todays post takes the form of an interior fix! My house, like many of yours I’m sure, is full of photographs. Photos of people Steve and I love, photos of beautiful places we have been, photos of beautiful places we are yet to go. I have come to a point where I think, a line has got to be drawn somewhere- No more photos! I am not a minimalist sort of girl so I am not a fan of a blank wall when it is calling out to have something hanging on it! But with my photo ban, I have had to come up with something else. Que. Pinterest! God, don’t you love that site!

I saw a pin of fabrics and embroidery that had been placed in embroidery hoops which covered the whole wall. Well, being a crafty lady myself, I adored the idea of this! It’s a quirky way of displaying some of my favourite fabrics and showing a bit of my personality. I slowly built up my collection, buying fabrics as I saw them and I’m not entirely convinced I am finished yet.

This is hanging on my side of the bed by a window. There is the same size piece of wall on Steve’s side (with an arch next to it) and he has some photos of Australia hanging. Originally I wanted to have his side of the wall covered in pictures in different mis-match frames and have a ‘his’ frame at the top and a ‘hers’ hoop at the top of my side but Steve squashed it! I still really like the idea but looks like I’m going to have to work a bit harder to convince him on that one!

What home decoration have you been doing lately? Do you think I should add some more hoops or do you think I should leave it like this? I would appreciate your comments.


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