Deborah Lippmann ‘Walking on sunshine’ nail polish

IMG_1784I’m usually more of a pastel, red, nude kinda nail polish girl but I thought in response to the beautiful daffodils I have on my 1960s trunk/coffee table I would give my nails a bit more of a va va voom and sport this gorgeous yellow nail polish.
The polish is a Deborah Lippmann varnish and is called ‘walking on sunshine’- cute hey! I cannot tell you how many compliments I have had on this colour since wearing it, which has increased my confidence as like I said, it’s a bit brighter than I’m used to.

IMG_1790I found the polish lasted just shy of a week before the chips began. That being said I didn’t put a clear polish on top so I expect it would last even longer when you do. I found that I needed to apply 3 coats to achieve a solid colour but being persistent is worth it. The thing I also liked about this nail varnish is how quickly it dries! I always seem to end up with bed prints all over my nails despite painting them early evening but not with this one.
The price tag on this is 16GBP which is more than I usually like to spend on a polish but it did last a long time and the speedy drying is always a bonus.

You can buy this product at

This product was sent as a sample but this is an honest review, only expressing my own opinions.


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