Harry Potter world!

This weekend I had the most fun going to visit Harry Potter studios. I LOVE Harry Potter and have been wanting to go for a long time. It was a double bonus trip as I also went with some friends I used to work with and haven’t seen since Christmas so I got my geek fix along with a catch up with good friends.

The Great HallThe tickets cost 30GBP and we spent around 3-4 hours wandering around. There is so much to see and you learn lots about the filming and the props. The tour starts with a film introduction, setting the scene of why they wanted to make HP into a film and the process they went through and the HP mania that spread throughout the world.
You then enter the golden doors into the great hall. It looks exactly as it does in the films but it is much smaller than I anticipated. There are lots of dress forms with the outfits worn throughout the film scattered around the different sets which were interesting to see- especially the size of them as Daniel and co grew up.

IMG_1762The thing that shocked me the most was the details put into every element of the films. Areas that I thought must be CGI were actually models that had been built and only some elements were enhanced afterwards. The love that went into all elements was incredible. They wanted to make it as realistic as possible and it was felt that building models rather than using mainly green screen helped it remain magical. They even had floating candles in the great hall initially but they had to rethink their strategy when the candles burnt through the wires and fell to the floor whilst filming!
I would highly recommend you go for a visit to witness the love and dedication they put into the film. The drawings, paintings and models are mind-blowing and you cannot appreciate the scale of it until you witness it yourself.

I’m off now as all I’m interested in doing is watching The Deathly Hallows and pretending I’m a wizard! Have a good evening!


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