Pip Studio Mug Set

IMG_1560Anyone who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with teacups and mugs. In my ‘tea for two’ post I explained that I went to Australia on holiday and came back with a tea set (the other side of the world!) I think it’s the English, quaint tea party vibe that I adore (yes, the obsession does stretch to teapots and cake stands too). I currently have 70 mis-match teacups for my wedding and the thought of having to sell them after breaks my heart (what else am I going to do with them though?!)

Anyway, I digress. I wanted to share with you these beautiful Pip Studio cups and bowls I bought. Aren’t they gorgeous! Pip Studios is based in Amsterdam but her success has spread throughout Europe and beyond. Her motto is:


‘Happy products for happy people’- how cute it that?

She uses lots of bright colours and beautiful, intricate designs on all her products. Pip doesn’t just design china but also wallpapers, clothes, home decoration and stationary to name a few.

Have you bought anything from Pip Studio?



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