Tooties’ Gelato and waffles!

20130915-171245.jpgThis weekend I was meant to be taking part in the color run in Brighton. I had been looking forward to it for weeks and weeks and even did some running practises to get me ready for it! Unfortunately, my body decided that I would not be doing it as it wanted to get ill instead! On Saturday, feeling sorry for myself for missing out but well enough to get out of bed and walk around I decided the only thing to make me feel better would be to go for ice cream.
In Southampton an amazing gelato shop has opened called Tooties and I have heard amazing things about it but never given it a go. Well I can confirm that it is delicious. I had the Tiramisu waffles and Steve had Honeycomb waffles. It was very sickening so I couldn’t finish it all but I will definitely be going again!

What have you been up to this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Tooties’ Gelato and waffles!

  1. I’m glad you didn’t have a totally rubbish day. We definitely missed you on Saturday. Tooties looks great though. Maybe we should meet there one day before Craft Club? Do they let you take away leftovers in doggie bags? Gelato’s in Portswood does – they have cute little plastic tubs they put what you can’t eat in. Definitely good for later on in the evening when you fancy a bit more yumminess in your tummy, xx

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