Soap and Glory’s kick ass concealer

Today I would like to discuss Soap and Glory’s ‘kick ass concealer’. I often find with concealers that I’m never fully satisfied. They never seem to fully cover my blemishes or if they do its because I’ve caked it on so thick and you can tell!!! They never seem to fully cover dark circles around me eyes either (I’m really making myself sound attractive aren’t I…spots, dark circles!)

Well, all this being said, this is a concealer that works for me. I really like the packaging. It’s small so easy to pop in your bag and it has 3 easy steps, as outlined on the packaging. The slightly lighter shade is a ‘brightening’ solution for under your eyes (stage 1) and the darker shade is for blemishes or red patches (stage2), you can obviously use the lighter shade too. There is also a powder to apply at the end to help give it a greater staying power (stage 3). Soap and Glory describe their product as having:


“under eye brightening concealer with PUFFEASE-8™ technology, SUPERWEAR™ light scrambling ‘on the spot’ complexion concealer & a weightless transparent setting powder with INSTA-FIX™ polymer technology”.

I find that the solution is nice and creamy and doesn’t look cakey, especially under the eyes, which most do on me. It glides on and you don’t need a great deal. I would probably like the colour to be slightly lighter so that I can highlight a bit more but it is probably a good colour for most and blends in well for those who have a medium skin tone. I do find that towards the end of the day it starts to wear off a bit and can start to sink into some fine lines but this is very minor and nothing in comparison to some I have tried.

The thing I like most about this concealer is the coverage it gives on blemishes. I have some red marks and scarring from previous spots and this is great for covering them up. Many of them literally disappear! It’s amazing! I have found that to achieve best results I like to apply some green cover stick (collection 2000) to any red patches, apply my tinted moisturiser (REN) which has spf mixed with Laura Mercier oil free foundation and then apply the concealer. This way I don’t put on anymore than I need. I then finish with a dusting of transparent powder (smashbox) to my t-zone. I cannot apply it to my under eyes otherwise I do find I get that cakey effect but this is with all products!

The kick ass concealer is £10 and is definitely value for money. Have you used this? I would be interested in people’s experience with this compared to the Laura Mericer ‘undercover pot’ which I am always tempted by.


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