Origins Modern Friction aka the holy grail!

From the title you may think, god that girl likes to exaggerate but I promise you I am not!!

As you’ll remember from my last post- Elemis Tri-Enzyme resurfacing facial wash, I talked about having a new skin care are routine which is working wonders for my ‘congested’ skin (a polite way to say spotty). I thought I would share another wonderful product that is helping my skin clear up and dare I say it…fresh looking.

Well, this is cheating a bit because I have actually been using this product for the last 3-4 years and I am in love with it. This is truly one of those products I could not live without. Due to my trouble skin I have been left with a lot of red scars. I have been lucky enough not to have Pit marks but I have a lot of red scarring which likes to make a permanent feature on my face. Modern friction, however, is fantastic at reducing these red marks and when used regularly,2-3 times a week, it makes a huge difference.

The product is an exfoliator and one of the things I really like about this is that you feel like you get a really good scrub from it! Do you know what I mean?! Some of these exfoliants now are so gentle and with ‘hidden exfoliating beads’, you feel like you’re just using a regular face wash. This one, however, allows you to decide just how much deep scrubbing you wish to do. I will explain the washing process and hopefully this statement will become clearer.

First of all you rub it onto your face when both your hands and face are dry. This is when you can decide just how long to rub it in for. If I have any stubborn scarring (the chin in my case) I will rub over this area much longer. At this stage the exfoliation is quite intense and harsh on your skin. Next you add a little water and massage it in some more, gradually add more water until it feels like a cream face wash.

I really cannot recommend this product enough! I use it 2-3 times a week and it makes me feel so clean, my skin looks fresh and red scarring is reduced.

Is anyone else in love with this exfoliator? I will often use Origins’ out of trouble mask once a week after an exfoliation for an extra luxury and to reduce any spots trying to appear! Give it a try.

Price: £19 for 75ml, £33 for 125ml- best investment you’ll make!


2 thoughts on “Origins Modern Friction aka the holy grail!

  1. Sounds great! Do you think it would be a bit OTT to use this and my Clarisonic? Or maybe have a break from the Clarisonic for a night or two a week and use this? Or could I use this with my Clarisonic? I’d be worried about maybe over exfoliating which could do more harm than good!

    • It really is quite a harsh exfoliator so I would say using with your clarisonic would probably be too much although it would depend on how sensitive your skin is. I would certainly say that initially it should be used a couple of times a week as a replacement for your clarisonic and then judge by your skins reaction if you could use them as a combo x

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