Burlap placemats

I have been looking for placemats that I love over the last few month but to no avail. They were to compliment my farmhouse table so I wanted something rustic and a bit different. I love the effect that burlap creates so decided to make my own using this material.

Recently I’ve been self teaching on Abode photoshop and illustrator, using some great online tutorials and spending lots of time playing around and experimenting (as a teacher I’ve had lots of spare time thanks to the holidays!) One of the first projects was to draw around a teapot template of an image I found online. As you will see from my tea for two post, I love tea sets so I thought they would be the perfect print for my placemats. The purpose of me learning these programmes is that I want to start printing my own designs and develop onto textile design.



I decided to start simple…Lino printing. The process is super simple. Simply draw over your design on top of the Lino and it will print onto the Lino itself. Using a Lino cutter (you can pick these up nice and cheap at good craft shops) remove the Lino that you do not want to print. The difficult bit is making sure you have removed enough of the Lino so that it will not get paint on it when you roller the piece but not go too deep that you remove the whole depth of Lino. Do be careful of this around the edges.

Once you are happy with your print, use a roller to apply a small amount of paint onto your design and do a test print to make sure you have none of the surrounding Lino printing onto your fabric/ paper. You will need to spend some time measuring the space between your prints to make it is consistent. I have completed my design as a half-drop repeat but you can arrange the print however you want. I experimented with acrylic (white) and fabric paint (blue) but I personally prefer the effect of the acrylic paint.

I have only printed 3 so far as I would like to make the other 3 using a teacup print. What do you think? Will you give Lino printing a go?




4 thoughts on “Burlap placemats

    • This is definitely our next project! It’s so much fun to do and so simple. Glad you like them. Want to try screen printing next! Can’t believe we’ve got to wait so long till our next craft club. Get the cocktail mix ready x

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