YSL Colour Love.

Hello! Hope you are all well.

2013-08-30 16.21.56I just had to post about my new favourite lipstick EVER! I had been musing over the YSL Rouge pur couture pure colour satiny radiance lipstick in Le Rouge for sometime now. This was inspired by Kourtney Kardasian’s fantastic red pout. I know at this point some of you may groan at the K word but I’m not afraid to admit that I love those girls and no one can deny that their make up is always faultless. I have always loved Kourtney’s bright red lip colour and so when I found out what it was I had to have it.

Initially I was put off my the price tag, 25 GBP is more than I usually like to spend on a lipstick (the amount of lipsticks I have at that price would bankrupt me), however I eventually succumbed after visiting the YSL counter. I ended up picking a different colour as it suited my colouring better (not as dark as KK), I went with the Le Orange, shade 13. It is AMAZING! It is really bright and as you can see by the pictures it is more of a red/orange colour. It is so satiny as indicated by the name and makes your lips feel moisturised (even my currently poorly conditioned lips). 2013-08-30 16.17.02

The thing that I love most about this lipstick and makes it worth the expensive price tag, in my opinion, is the staying power! It is incredible. I have been putting it on in the morning and it has literally been on my lips in the evening without re-application! I even need to take it off with make up remover before bed!!! Now, I should highlight that when I say ‘still on my lips’ I do not mean that it is still full, glossy colour but more of a stain. The colour is still really apparent and pops though. I find that applying a touch of lip balm is enough to re-moisturise my lips and make the colour shine again. This may be down to the vibrant colour of the lipstick that causes such a stain but I can’t wait to try out some of the other colours to put this theory to the test!

2013-08-30 10.14.02I have also heard great things about the YSL Rouge Volupte shine lipstick so am desperate to give these a go too. I did test them and the smell of fruit (watermelon I believe) is gorgeous! I think layering these two lipsticks would look great, the deep colour pop with the glossy shine on top…heaven

My name is Stephanie and I am a YSL lipstick convert. What is your favourite shade?



4 thoughts on “YSL Colour Love.

  1. I’ve been looking for a statement lippy for a while now! Buying the good quality ones is probably better in the long term; one of my £3 coral colours turns pink within three hours, leading to frequent re-applications.

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