Seriously chocolatey chocolate cake

My dad recently had his big 5-0 birthday and so I felt like I needed to make him a seriously chocolatey chocolate cake. His request was that it had some chocolate treats on top (maltesers, flake etc). So…I used a basic Mary Berry chocolate cake recipe which filled a large round baking tin. Once the cake had cooled I cut it in half and filled it with some (more) chocolate frosting, both in the centre and the top.

2011-11-26 19.43.31

I then used 2 bags of Kit Kats to place around the sides. I snapped them into 2 fingers each and held them in place with some of the frosting. They fit perfectly with no gaps at all. I then opened a bag of maltesers, galaxy counters and giant white buttons (to give it a little more colour than brown but keeping in with the chocolate theme) and filled the top!

It was really easy and looks amazing! Everyone loved it but I must say, they were only able to eat a small slice as it was very rich! calories…too many to count!


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