Vintage Inspired Home.

I am currently in the process of decorating my home (a project which has been going on for about 3 years now). This is because I am adding the feminine touch to by fiancé’s previously boyish pad (cue removal of Xbox, black wallpaper, Ikea furniture).

We have slowly been working our way through each room and I get a little bit more allowance of ‘feminine’ in each room! I have decided that I would like to try and fill my home with as many reclaimed, reused, pre-loved objects as I can to add a bit more character and individuality to my home (yes, I do realise Pinterest is full with such ‘original homes’).

Charity shops and EBay have become my new best friends and I have bought some beautiful things for a bargain price! I will be updating my house inspirations and any pieces I do find but here are a few of my finds so far…

IMG_0053My beautiful old/new singer sewing machine! I have been hunting for quite some time to find a vintage Singer and the only place I had seen them was Ebay and they were never in my area so couldn’t get it posted.

I went to lunch with a friend one day and we decided to pop into some charity shops on the high street to look for some teacups for my upcoming wedding. In one of them was this beauty! The great thing was, the lady had said that it was left outside of the shop that day and she was lucky enough to come in early before anyone lifted it! I think it was fate and for only 15.00 I couldn’t say no!


My next find was courtesy of Ebay. Once again I had been keeping my eye out for a typewriter (for my home and wedding- dual purpose!) and had found one I REALLY wanted and was waiting for bidding to come to an end. I was in London the day it ended and the underground decided that it did not want to have it so I couldn’t get 3G signal until I was way clear of the exit- I lost out on my initial typewrite by 1 minute (you win some, you lose some). My lovely boyfriend then found this beauty. It was 20.00 and we got it from a Hospice so that’s got to buy us some karma points!





My last beautiful purchase, and my favourite, is my 1960s trunk. I am using it as a coffee table which replaced boyfriend’s bog standard Ikea one. Initially I wanted a wooden chest but when I saw this one it was love at first sight. The colour is perfect- grey with a slight blue tinge. I love the blemishes such as an old, worn sticker on the side and the rusty metal latches. It gives my front room such character and people always comment on how lovely it is.





10 thoughts on “Vintage Inspired Home.

      • I have a Singers shop in my local town center but it doesn’t seem to be doing well these days. I would hate for it to close down!

      • I think as a general shop it was staying open because of it’s name. Most people were not interested in craft or sewing or making their own things but I do think over the last year it’s become a little more popular with more people trying to be a bit more thrifty with their money. So there is hope! x

    • I’m UK based so it was actually £15 but that’s around $22 so still a bargain! Glad you like them. I love finding pieces like these, hopefully ill find some more to add to the collection.

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