Patchwork Hen Quilt

Patchwork Hen Quilt

After making my first patchwork quilt, a floral decoration for my hand painted rocking chair and a cosy winter blanket, my sister would always admire it when she came to visit and ask me to make her one.


Anyone who has ever made a patchwork quilt will know it is a labour of time consuming love so I thought I would save it for a special occasion. It so happens that my sister is getting married this year and we recently celebrated her hen do in Brighton- the less details said about that the better!

Well, I thought this was the perfect time to make her a personalised ‘patchwork hen quilt’. Each of the hens was asked to buy a fat quarter of material in a print they liked. I did not specify style of print, just that it had to reflect the bride or them. The prints were wonderful but ended up being very different from one another so I decided to make a small squared design. I would suggest that if you were going to do such a project you specify a theme for the fabrics e.g. Floral, travel, repeated patterns etc.


After lots of ironing, pinning and sewing, I was so pleased with the result and the bride loved it. Needless to say there were lots of tears when she received it! I would highly recommend making this personal gift as it will last for a lifetime.



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